Monday, 29 September 2014

WW2 Wings of Glory Game

Just the photos.

Some additional photos and commentary to this game can be found in this related blog post:

 2014 DEC3     WW2 game between Mark B and Stephen N.

 2014 DEC3 Capt. Biko in his Curtis P-40FWarbird was on patrol over Southern England, when he spotted a lone Heinkel 111 returning from its bombing raid.  Straight into attack, the Heinkel was damaged by the Warbird on its first gun pass. 10 points of damage [33%] at long range was good shooting for the Free French pilot.

 The German bomber tried to evade and turn away from the attacking French plane. Not able to get into position to fire at close range, Capt. Biko's fire was still effective at long range.

 Capt. Biko has taken damage from the side and dorsal machine guns of the Heinkel.

The Warbird gets into close range at last of the fleeing German bomber.....the last burst of fire gives the Heinkel another 10 points of damage taking the total damage points to 29 points of damage out of a max of 30!
Capt. Biko is forced to break of the chase as the Heinkel tries to get back to France over the channel. With the heavily damaged bomber unlikely top make it back to base.....Capt. Biko is very satisfied with his patrol!

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