History Napoleonic Wargaming Society

The Napoleonic Wargaming Society (NWS) was formed in 1977 from members of the defunct Western Australian Historical Wargaming Association, with the club holding its first official meeting that year.
Specialising in historical gaming of Napoleonic’s, Ancients, English Civil War and various skirmish games, the club initially met every Monday evening from 7.30 pm until 10.30 pm in the local South Perth Hall from 1978 through until 1985.
As the club grew and gaming requirements changed, theNWS then moved to the second floor of the Credit Union building on the corner of Pier and Short Street. Ability to hire the hall over weekends for games on forty foot by 6 foot tables with eight players aside was one of the fantastic aspects of this location. Sharing the facility with the local Ladies Aerobic Club was also one of the many benefits the years of 1985-86.
A change of venue coincided with a change of gaming night in 1986 as the Credit Union was leased out commercially. For the princely sum of $12.00 a night the club now met on a Wednesday at the Uniting Church Hall in Subiaco. This was a great period of growth for the club and included the introduction of DBM, Huge Club Participation games and the height of the competition and club tournaments. We gamed there until 1998 when the sale of these premises for commercial development forced us to briefly visit the Subiaco Police and Citizens Club. Unfortunately wargamers and sprung gymnasium floors are not a good combination and new lodgings were required.
The Victoria League in Shenton Park was to be our home from 1998 through to 2004. Great venue with a bar, dining facilities etc. Unfortunately another commercial sale (see a trend?) forced us once again to move on.
In 2004 the NWS moved to the WA Italian Club in North Perth and were there until late 2012. It was a great venue that catered well with the growth in membership experienced during that time.
The club moved briefly to the Loftus Community Centre in Leederville, before more recently settling at the North Perth Bowling Club. NPBC has a really good feel, a licenced bar, renovated outdoor facilities, and a well lit hall for gaming. The staff and committee at NPBC have been very welcoming of the NWS, and we hope to make this our home for a long time to come.

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