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Slaughterloo Game from the September Games Day

The players were Mike Ward on the Albion and Simon Hutchinson on the side of the Feral ....Sorry Ferach Elves.

The battle took place in northern France in the late spring. La Maison du Ferott has been fairly devastated by orc artillery from the previous day and was the hinge point that the orcs were going to use to swing their 2 divisions  

The Glorious Albion side with 2 divisions of orcs commanded by Duke Burpsalot . !st Division (General Fartsagale) on the left flank consisting of 20 Prince of Wales Orc Guard, 2 Regiments of 20 Orcs of the line (40th Foot & 79th Foot). 10 Orc Light Cavalry. 12 105th Rifles LI. 1 medium field cannon.

The 2nd Division (General Galopsaround) was situated on the right flank with 4 regiments of orc line (Lord Treetowers Own Foot, 81st Foot, 32nd Foot, 28th Foot) 10 Orc Heavy Dragoons. 12 Orc light Infantry and 1 Royal Horse Artillery.

Facing them was the Ferach 1st Division on the left flank consisting of 2 units of 20  Ferach elves of the ligne, 20 elven guard du royale, 10 Elven heavy cavalry, 10 elven Light Infantry, 1 medium gun and 28 todorini with incompetence written all over them!

The 2nd division consisted of a 20 dog unit of grenadiers with 2  units of 20 dogmen of the line. 10 dogmen Light infantry 10 dogmen light cavalry with a unit of 28 Todorini thrown in for the fun factor!

Fartsagales 1st division was poorly inspired with only form cards and morale cards being dealt to them all game! Even with Duke Burpsalot aiding in the ordering of troops nothing seemed to go right for the Albion left flank. Disorder was the order of the day! The stalwart  dogmen carried the day by either destroying the the guard and foot regiments or forcing them to flee. Only the 105th Lights managed to tenaciously hang on to La Maison du Ferott. On the 5th and final move they managed to head for safer ground but shot 5 of the 10 dogmen light cavalry in the back before exiting stage left! As expected the Todorini struggled to form square on the first move but managed it disordered. The third move saw them break formation and march forward. But then once again move into square disordered on turn 4. Their lack of organisation was a wonder to behold!

The Albion right flank however fought a glorious battle with the Ferrach heavy cavalry getting the advantage and hacking the orc heavies up badly on turn 2 with a charge and a +4 melee order inspiring them on. A round of good Albion steel shot from two regiments saw the Ferach heavies withdraw to a safer spot. But the revitalized Albion heavy cavalry burst upon them on turn 4 with a +4 melee order of their own which forced the remaining Ferach heavy cavalryman to leave the field leaderless and in disgrace.

The Ferach Light infantry tried a toe to toe shooting match with the brilliant Albion light infantry who shredded them to pieces in two turns with accurate fire. The Albion lights then took on a Ferach Ligne unit with boosted melee incentives and forced their retreat but the cunning ferach general had sent his Guard and a ligne unit to put pressure on the Albion left flank which helped destroy the 1st Albion division along with their dogmen allies and thus denied the 2nd Albion division the outright destruction of the Ferach 1st Division. However the Todorini regiment attached to the 1st Ferach Division tried to mimic it's brother regiment by also going into square disorganized but in the end was forced to withdraw by cannon casualties.

So realistically the Ferachs had the day but not without some severe punishment being taken by them.

A really great game with both sided having 4400pts each over two divisions and the game lasted from 9am until 4pm. The game was played in Perth Western Australia.

Photos and text supplied by Mike Ward.

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