Sunday, 3 May 2015

Preparing for 15mm Waterloo

The time for Waterloo is fast approaching,  On Saturday at the NWS gaming day we tried out the table configuration for the 15mm game of Waterloo using Napoleon's Battles.  Apart from some concern about the two games butting up against each other, a risk we christened "Carlo's Corner", we think we can get everything to fit without problem.

For the 15mm game we are using printed terrain covering the whole battlefield and a good amount of the surrounding area.  Should provide for plenty of options to try out "what-ifs?"

The table is nine foot by five and needs to accommodate around ten players.  The team are busy getting up to speed with the rules (Second Edition, basic rules only, well, mostly).

The scenario is using an order of battle distilled from the Mark Adkin's book The Waterloo Companion.  That book will also provide the information for initial set up and timing for the Prussians.  The map is by Alfonso Peral, as provided to the Napoleon's Battles Yahoo Group.

Current challenge is to get the best figures we can for the game as well as generate play aids to help the players and any observers make sense of what is going on.  The interesting thing will be to see how many turns of the battle we can complete on the day.