Sunday, 15 March 2015

Supplementary Information for The Austrians

Here is the page from the Minifigs catalogue that has the listing of the Austrian figures:

Here is a link to a site that has a current catalogue.  Note prices between one pound fifteen and one pound thirty per figure.

Here is the WRG Army List for the Austrians, from the June 1979 edition:

Friday, 13 March 2015

The Austrians - Part 9

Four cannon, three artillery crews, two generals and a wagon.  This completes the Austrians.

I'm not even going to guess what actually pieces these models represent.

Except I though the Austrians painted their gun carriages yellow.

These don't seem to equate to the WRG rules.

One guy seems to be folding a skyrocket.

Basing is cardboard and 45mm by 25mm.

The guns are on plasticard and measure 35mm by 60mm and 35mm by 50mm.

Again, not going to guess who this represents.

Flock is a bit sparse.

Plasticard base, 25mm by 40mm.

The other command figure.

Much greener pastures.

Cardboard base, 30mm by 40mm.

And finally the wagon.

Carrying an assortment of missing flags and poles.

Metal base, 40mm by 75mm.

The Austrians - Part 8

And another unit of jagers.

48 jagers this time.

Very black looking uniform.

Interesting variant on the officer figure.

Lots of pairs, but interesting also some triples and even a quad base.

Cardboard 15mm by 20mm.  Some of the singles have a number under their base.

The Austrians - Part 7

More line infantry.

Another big monster unit of Austrian line infantry in generic red facings.  48 figures.

In good nick.

Good old Minifig poses - no surprises.

Looks like it was designed as one big unit as there are only a pair of singles.

Plastic bases, 15mm by 20mm for single infantry man.

The Austrians - Part 6

Two units of Hungarian Grenadiers.

Thirty figures that can represent Regt No 2 Erzherzog Ferdinand's grenadiers.

Couple of missing bayonets and flag pole.

Basic Minifig poses.

Two quads, six triples, a pair and two singles.

The second unit, 24 figures this time.

There are a couple of Hungarian Regiments with green facings.

Windy day.

Usual basing.

Standard 15mm by 20mm on cardboard.

The Austrians - Part 5

The cavalry.

Cuirassiers, Chevauxleger and Hussars.  Unit identification is based on this source:

Eighteen Hussars

Regt No 4 Von Recsey, Regt No 10 Meszaros and Regt No 2 Erzherhog Joseph

Minifigs has the trumpet slung over the shoulder, but pretty standard apart from that.

By the look of the basing I'm guessing that this was meant to be one unit.

Base size is 20mm by 40mm which is the effective WRG Wargames Rules 1685-1845 or Horse and Musket basing sizes.  The Hussars are on plasticard.

A generic Chevauxleger unit of 12 figures.

Broken standard bearer, standard poses.

Apart from the missing standard, they appear to be in good nick.

Basing for casualty removal (and swapping back in as required).

Same basing as the Hussars, although slightly rounded corners.

One of possibly four Cuirassier regiments.

No flags, but flag poles.  However trumpets are broken.

Stock standard Minifig poses.  I feel sorry for the poor trumpeter.

Again the same basing configuration, possibly for two six figure strong units (although a quick check of WRG has a unit as 12 trained cuirassiers).

20mm by 40mm but metal this time.