Friday, 5 September 2014

NWS Saturday Wargaming

Some of the games played at the NWS games day on Saturday included Ancients using Impetus, WW1 (land and air), Napoleonic naval and, eh, um Slaughterloo.  There was even time for a DBA game.

Bombing mission with Wings of Glory.  Some more photos of the game can be found here:

There was also a Sails of Glory game.  More photos from it can be found here:

Plus a DBA game which is something of a sneak preview of the next NWS gaming day, a battle day based on the 338BC battle of Chaironeia.  More photos can be seen here:

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  1. I've added links to my posts on some of the individual games. I don't know the details of the WW1 game or much about the Impetus game (except they were the rules and it was Sassanids versus Romans). Plus we need some photos of the Slaughterloo game - the figures and size of the game were most impressive.