Thursday, 16 October 2014

Regimental Fire and Fury

Last night at the club Phil C organized a game of Regimental Fire and Fury.  A new rule set for the NWS, however some of us had varying recollections of the parent Fire and Fury set.  As it was a learning game I spent more time looking up rules than taking photos, but I did get a few of Phil's wonderful 28mm collection.

Nothing says ACW like snake fences.

Reb artillery before we realized each model represented two guns.

A four figure stand represents two stands and apart from some fiddliness with casualty removal worked well.  I would be interested to try the concept out with my 15mm bases.

We used the 15mm measurements, plus 50% (so an 8 inch range became a 12 inch distance on the table top).  This worked well.

There was lots of partial cover.  This stand of trees protected the Rebel left flank which I was trying to attack, in what turned out to be a very tardy fashion.

The last picture.  We were running low on low on ammunition markers.  The Confederates charged and were repulsed.  However the follow up Union counterattack was also repulsed.

We had six players, each with one brigade of four or five regiments plus a battery, and Phil was umpire.   That number of players on one big table with four other games also on the go nearby can be a bit of a challenge, but things kept flowing and in a reasonable order allowed us to sample most aspects of the rules.  The consensus was that it was a success.

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