Membership Napoleonic Wargaming Society


As with any club the NWS is only as good as its members … and we have for many years had a large, diverse, enthusiastic, tolerant and inclusive membership.
A person is eligible for membership once they have attended twelve gaming nights/days.
There are four types of membership; Honorary Life, Ordinary, Associate and Junior.
Honorary Life membership represents the highest honour the NWS can bestow on a member, and is not bestowed by the membership lightly. Those awarded an Honorary Life membership must have been a member for a minimum of fifteen years and be deemed by the membership to have served the club in an exemplary manner for not less than ten of those years. Honorary Life members have full voting rights. We are fortunate as a club to have had four such members so far who have been both great servants and ambassadors of the NWS.
Life membership fees are $100 per annum for playing members, free for non playing members.
Ordinary membership is anything but ordinary as ours is a great club! Fees are $190 per annum ($150 for early payment). Ordinary members have full voting rights.
Associate membership is an Ordinary member that has applied in writing to the committee to become an associate member and has been approved as such. Fees are $50 per annum plus $5 per night that they game. Associate members do not have voting rights.
Junior membership is for people aged between 12 and 17. Fees are $50 per annum. Junior members can not hold office and have no voting rights.
While attending the NWS prior to membership, a visitors fee of $5 per visit is payable … although feel free to remind the club Treasurer that the first two visits are free!

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