Thursday, 30 March 2017

Another night of varied games

L'Art de la Guerre - 15mm Ancients

To The Strongest - 28mm Ancients


Gladiators - Julgula style

It's Warm Work
Napoleonic Naval, 1/2400th scale

Monday, 27 March 2017

Bill's Gift - For Auction at AGM

The following figures and models, along with some magazines and other stuff were donated to the club by Bill.  The Committee has decided to put them up for auction at the AGM unless better offers come in first.

Remember to click on picture to get an expanded view.

 WW2 1/200th scale 

B37 - 24 vehicles, mainly US, but with 4 Stugs

B36 - 60 German vehicles, AFVs and guns

There are eight of these along with assembly instructions

Over 30 packs providing 300 figures
Wargames South


 WW2 20mm, 1/76th or similar scale

Hinchcliffe samples.
Details as follows:

German infantryman

Another German

Yet another German

Commonwealth artillery crew

US artillery crew

German artillery crew

Possibly Skytrex 
Various AFVs as follows:

Stugs missing gun barrels

15mm Renaissance 

B38 - 180 figures
29 crossbow, 18 arquebuse, 27 muskets, 7 mounted

B39 - 37 cavalry

B44 - 42 mounted, 4 cannon, 37 foot

B35 - 39 mounted

15mm Napoleonic 

B45 - Cuirassiers, Carabiniers and Guard Lancers

French cavalry
Further detail follows

Sorry for blurry picture.
There are 18 of these Chasseurs a Cheval de la Guarde

16 lancers

36 dragoons or could be cuirassiers

20 hussars

16 chasseurs a cheval

More, mostly French
including 32 infantry in strips
Further detail follows:

10 French guard horse artillery crew

10 Austrian artillery crew

8 French artillery crew

10 French horse artillery crew

30 limber horses

10 limbers and related items

20 assorted artillery pieces

16 horses and 4 limbers

30 French artillery crew

12 Austrian artillery crew

40 infantry in helmets, ideal for German allies or possibly Austrians

24 Old Guard sappers

60 French elite infantry 
2nd generation Minifig - detail is much improved

50 French infantry 

30 French command

24 French Old Guard

Another 24 French infantry marching

Odds and sods

18 Austrian lancers

70 Austrians of various persuasions

A lot of 1st generation Minifig French in white, red and blue uniforms

10mm Church

15mm Pirates

Armed pirates, cutlasses
Peter Pig Range 10 Pack 2

Pirates with muskets
Peter Pig Range 10 Pack 3

Native command?
Peter Pig Range 10 Pack 16

Pirates swimming with sharks
Peter Pig Range 10 Pack 24

Small boat and native hut


Medieval looking artillery crew

1/35th scale mortar and machine gun

15mm resin building

15mm resin ruin

15mm sandbag emplacements

Two Del Prado figures

15mm WW2

FoW bases
9 small, 70 medium and 6 large

25 US infantry

36 Fallschirmjäger

 In these two photos there are well over 300 figures

All German infantry of various flavours and manufacturers.