Wednesday, 17 September 2014

WW1 Wings of Glory Game 17 September 2014

This post is to show case Mark B's new camera.  Stephen N's miniatures, photos and commentary from Mark B.  The photos can also be accessed on the NWS website by downloading the PDF document.

WW1 Aerial - "Rule #1 - Stick Together When Outnumbered 3:2"

 The towns on the mat come are nicely visible (good investment Stephen)

The DH4 heads bravely out by himself, while..

The Camelman stupidly loiters around the beacon.

Camelman races to catch his comrade but sees flames in the distance.

The camera catches the flame marker brilliantly (an excellent investment!)

Huns move into finish off the DH4.

DH4 death dive.

Camelman’s blood is up after seeing DH4 death dive and lines his guns onto the rear gunner.

Close-up of The-Hun-to-Die.

The Camel’s Victory Roll, and boy do those flames look real!

This was the last image received before the Camel’s engine was hit a second time …

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