Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Return of the Austrians

I will let others add the history, but last Wednesday the NWS committee took an in principle decision to take up the option to buyback the Austrians.

Over the coming days (maybe weeks) I will photograph each unit and post the details in this blog.  Anyone with information about the unit (who painted it, games it distinguished itself in etc) please add to the comments or tell me and I will add the information separately (maintaining anonymity if necessary).

For the first unit, please welcome Regt. No. 30 Prinz de Ligne from Walloon with their pike grey facings and yellow buttons (that's the best I could do - uniform reference source is

Forty eight strong, all Minifigs.  The standard is broken and a few bayonets are bent, but mostly intact.

There is some wear due to handling - the patina of age.  But they make an impressive massed unit all the same.

Classic Minifig poses (note damaged standard-bearer third from the right of the photo.)

My theory is that this is standard type of basing for the old WRG Horse and Musket rules.

This unit is on metal bases, 15mm by 20mm per figure.

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  1. When I was 14 one of my best mates and I managed to convince his mum to drive us from his house in Redcliffe (after my father had driven me there from a Midland), to the Napoleonic Wargaming Society in South Perth. As Paul and I walked in the game that really amazed us was a battle between Geoff M and Howard using these very same club Austrians and Ric’s borrowed French. Paul and I were both mesmerised. Amazing yo see them back at the club dome 39 years later!