Friday, 13 March 2015

The Austrians - Part 9

Four cannon, three artillery crews, two generals and a wagon.  This completes the Austrians.

I'm not even going to guess what actually pieces these models represent.

Except I though the Austrians painted their gun carriages yellow.

These don't seem to equate to the WRG rules.

One guy seems to be folding a skyrocket.

Basing is cardboard and 45mm by 25mm.

The guns are on plasticard and measure 35mm by 60mm and 35mm by 50mm.

Again, not going to guess who this represents.

Flock is a bit sparse.

Plasticard base, 25mm by 40mm.

The other command figure.

Much greener pastures.

Cardboard base, 30mm by 40mm.

And finally the wagon.

Carrying an assortment of missing flags and poles.

Metal base, 40mm by 75mm.

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