Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Austrians - Part 4

Perhaps this is the Mother Lode: 136 Austrian Infantry in Shako, in a ubiquitous red facing.  There were about a dozen "German" Regiments that had red facings of one shade or another.

I started photographing what I thought was one unit of 40 figures.

Basic paint job, decent basing.

Only a drummer for a command... Wait a minute, what about all the other figures in shakos?  Maybe there were spare officers and such.

So I got then all out and sorted.  This unit is 40 figures and has a consistent coloured flock, other than that it is identically painted figures to the rest, bar one.

Same facing, but a subtle difference in the shade of the flock (more greener - must be on the other side of the fence).

A 48 man unit.  Broken standard bearer and a few bayonets missing.

Another 48 man unit, complete with standard.

So here we have em all.  136 figures in two by 48 and one by 40 man units.

All painted the same except for one bloke.

The four standard Minifig poses.

Decent flag. 

A mix of single, triples and quads for the basing.

Bird's Eye view

A lot of metal here.

All based on cardboard to the same 15mm by 20mm size.  Some slight warping with a few bases, but they have stood the test of time well.

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