Monday, 28 March 2016

SAGA League Update

Progress is being slowly made in the 2015/16 NWS Saga League. Before Christmas there were few games played in anger but plenty of practice games - since then there has been more serious activity.

So far the relative newcomers of the King Harold division have led the way with 5 games played. The Normans of Brendan have swept all before them with their combination of firepower and manouverability, leaving Scots and Vikings in their wake. It will take a hard act to stop the Normans making their way to the play offs.

There have only been three games in the King William division, where the Welsh led by Andrew are currently  leading - mainly due to Andrew having played in all three games. If the other players muster their forces then nay one can win this division. However apathy may favour the Welsh. Oh, also the arbitrary decision making of Andrew - the competition  overlord.

Four games in,  the Norse Gaels with their sneaky challenges  led by Geoff lead the King Hardrada division. However with only two points so far there is still the possibility of another challenger emerging, if they can come to terms with the vagaries of the Norse Gael battleboard.


King William Division 

                          Played  Score
Andrew                  3         2
Steve Y                  1         1
Steve B                  1         0
Richard                  1         0

King Harold Division

Brendan                 3         3
Paul                       2          1
Mark H                  3         0
Oliver                    2          1

King Hardrada Division

Dave                       3         1
Geoff                      2         2
Gerry                      2         1
Darren                    1         0


  1. Normans were once vikings, but have since forgotten how to fight bravely hand to hand. Soon, though, they shall face three times their number on the battlefield.

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    1. We are working on the ICBS (Intercontinental Ballistic Spear), soon I will be able defeat you without actually being on the board.