Thursday, 17 March 2016

Hinchcliffe Napoleonics

The NWS received these recently from James of the ANF.  They'd grown a bit too big for the rest of their Napoleonics, which is something I recall happening to the Hinchcliffe range.  As can be guessed they go back to the 1980s.  The big question is will they see the table of battle again?

This chap is BNC13 - Household Cavalry Officer at rest.

Hinchcliffe are still going:

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  1. Mark,
    The top one is Poniatowski (I think) and came from our 'benefactor Mr Hine. A Hinchcliffe figure, I'm pretty certain.
    Picton and the Guard chasseurs are Hinchcliffe.
    Craufurd is a Redoubt figure.
    Horse/Life guards and Grenadier à cheval Hinchcliffe.