Saturday, 23 September 2017

Southern Hemisphere Open - Day One

The NWS have some games on display at this special event for Perth: Southern Hemisphere Open

These are photos from Stephen N which have also gone up on the club's Facebook page.

It was mainly a Warhammer event 


 Flintlock skirmish
All races edition

Historical game of a battle that occurred after Agincourt.

 Great venue - Ascot Racecourse

 Proving that Impetus players are more than just hands

What would an NWS contribution be without a bit of Wings of Glory 

 Fabulous terrain

 I hope they are haystacks

 Did I mention we had some Wings of Glory on the go?

 Late as usual

These next photos are exclusive to this blog

 That Impetus game about to start

 That Flintlock skirmish about to start

Lion Rampant

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