Friday, 24 July 2015

ANF's Waterloo

Stephen N, Mark B and Mark H have been participating in the Avon Napoleonic Fellowships Waterloo game.  It is a massive 1/72nd scale affair using their modified version of Shako.  So far we have had three sessions with at least one more scheduled.

These photos are by Mark B.

The French strategy has been to do a right hook around Hougoumont.

Although it turned out to be more of a pincer movement when they pushed three divisions up between Hougoumont and Lay Haye Sainte.

The French launched what turned out to be a piecemeal attack on the allied left that was defeated in detail.

The Grand Battery is forming.

Hougoumont is being surrounded.

Off table can be seen the Prussian forces.

Lay Haye Sainte is on fire - the only target for the French artillery.

The first of the Prussians arrive.

The Imperial Guard.

Where there is smoke there is fire. Scenic effects improvised by our very own Stephen N

The Prussians have to fight their way on.

The massed French batteries make sure the Allies keep their heads down.

The Young Guard are sent off in a race for Plancenoit.

Hougoumont is surrounded as the 3rd Dutch-Belgian Division forces its way onto the table.

The race to Plancenoit was a draw.

The 2nd Dutch-Belgian Division moves to link up with the Prussians

Only a battalion of Nassau remain to defend the Hougoumont.

The Prussians are making slow progress.

Will it be a French victory?

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