Sunday, 14 June 2015

Avon Napoleonic Fellowship Report on the NWS Waterloo Day

James has produced an excellent report on his visit to the NWS Waterloo Day.  It can be found here:

He has also provided some additional photos marking the event.

Display showing the many varieties of wargaming figures available - it's not just all Napoleonics.

Some of the raffle prizes.

This is the Waterloo 2015 in 15mm game using Napoleon's Battles covering the whole battle.

The first charge of the Scots Greys, figures from AB Miniatures painted by Mark Woods.

Mark, who played Picton, had specially painted them for the game, along with the Picton figure.  They accounted well for themselves, avoiding the best painted unit curse.

D'Erlon's Attack in 28mm using General d'Brigade rule set - the La Haie Sainte table.

Andrew and Martin with the second table of the massive D'Erlon's Attack game.  Martin had lent some of his figures to the 15mm game making it possible.
The 15mm game, with players from left to right, Stephen B who played Hill, Stephen N (in red) who was Wellington, Mark Woods who was Picton, Dave Barker - Blucher, Mark - von Bulow, Richard - Ney, Mark H - umpire, James - Lobau and provider of all the photos in this post, Mark B - Napoleon and Graham - Reille. 
Yes, there were four chaps named Mark in the 15mm game.

Carlo who organised the 28mm D'Erlon's Attack game photo bombs Mark H receiving a much appreciated gift from the players of the 15mm game.
The 28mm team that I will leave Carlo to name.

Note - in the above photo there are three people playing Napoleon.
Having show cased the Scots Greys in 15mm, here they are in 28mm.  

C'est magnifique!

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