Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Preparations afoot for Waterloo circa 2015

French from Reilles Corps prepare for the big push at the NWS

Preparations are well under way at the Napoleonic Wargaming Society for a wonderful day of commemorating the final "great" battle of the Napoleonic Wars.  On Saturday, June 13th 2015 the club will be putting on two large games that centre on the great engagement at Waterloo.

Mark H and the 15's crowd will be putting on a deluxe version of Waterloo using the ever popular and re-ascending Napoleons Battles.  He already has a big contingent of ten players ready to take the field to see if Boney can get his revenge or whether history will once again shine on Wellington, Blucher and the glorious Allies.

The specially commissioned logo for club to celebrate the occassion.

The other game will involve the most dramatic D'Erlons attack upon the allied positions in 28mm and using the wonderfully crafted General De Brigade rules from the very clever Dave Brown.  This will involve two 12 x 6 tables and over ten players.

Cookies French in attack mode!


  1. Those photos are amazing - do let us know how it all goes. Some our compatriots here in Scotland are putting on a large two-day on the same weekend as yours using a very large sandtable. The good thing is, I don't have to lift a finger beforehand!

  2. Thanks C - the light was very good in thee hall and the photos really had a sharpness to them! Good luck with your weekend as we are quite excited to what we might be able to put on.

  3. Great stufff Carlo and all at the club. Looking forward to this one immensely!