Thursday, 6 November 2014

Battle of San Domingo

Pictures from the camera phone of one of British Admirals (Stephen N) and a bit of commentary from one of the French Admirals (Mark H aka Sun of York).

Stephen and Mark participated in the game arranged by the ANF to test out the Signal Close Action rules, using the Sails of Glory models.

For some more background check this post:

The five French ships at anchor outside the Port of Santo Domingo, 1806.  

The British approach in two divisions, line astern.

The French frigate reports the sighting of the British fleet.  Some 2mm buildings had originally been used to mark the town, but looked out of scale compared with the 1/1000th Sails of Glory models. 

The French Admiral quickly finishes his business, hitches up his breeches and heads for his long boat.

The British out number the French in quantity and quality.  They also have the wind.

The French are still trying to weigh anchor, hampered by the strong wind as the British come within range.

Only the centre French ship has managed to get underway.

The French flagship, Imperial, patiently waiting for its admiral.

Here he comes

Almost there.

The Imperial is a 120 gun ship and has significant fighting advantage over the British ships, but not when it comes to crew quality.

Hoist me aboard!

A fire starts of the Imperial.

It burns!

Maybe the Admiral is having second thoughts?

Fire is doused and one of the British ships catches fire instead.

The Imperial is surrounded.

At game's end, two French ships were definite captures, two were making a slow escape while the Imperial fought on.

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  1. Cet rapport n'est pas vrais. J'ai attendu mademoiselle pour obtenir les nourritures pour les hommes!
    Excellent report of the action, some brilliant photos Stephen. Great to have you both there!