Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Beware the rear-gunner!

WoG 15 October 2014 at the NWS.

Stephen N piloted an Airco DH4 bomber of the Royal Naval Air Service, with a rear-gunner..

Mark B piloted a Fokker DVIII, and although the pilot had the “perfect aim” characteristic – doubling the damage points - he had a “toasty” departure.

Both planes started at 8,000’,  near a coastal location.

The Fokker turns while the Airco dives to 6,000’.

After an Immelmann turn the Fokker flies past the Airco bomber only to be hit by the rear gunner, causing a fire in the Fokker.

The Fokker conducts a double-dive move to try and extinguish the flames; reaches 5,000’ and fails!  The fire steadily increases the Fokker’s damage to 10 points.

The burning Fokker steels himself to take the bomber with him!  The Fokker climbs to 6,000’, while the Airco bomber dives to 5,000’, and a near miss of sorts occurs.

After 3 moves, the fire burns itself out, but the Fokker has taken 11 points of damage, and the bomber only 2 points.

The dogfight continues as the bomber evades and dives to 3,000’, but the Fokker follows him down. 

The bomber’s rear-gunner strikes a second time, increasing the Fokker’s dame to a near lethal 14 points.  The Fokker fires, lifts the bomber’s damage to 11 points, injures the bomber’s pilot, but the Fokker’s guns jam! 

The bomber descends to 2,000’ and the jammed Fokker again pursues.

When the Fokker’s guns are finally working, it engages, but the bomber’s forward firing gun belch fire, all three of them.  While the twin guns cause some damage, the 3rd gun turns the Fokker into a ball of flame! Ka-boom …

Pictures and text by Mark B, models and terrain from Stephen N's collection.

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  1. Great to see the Airco in the hands of a skilled pilot for once. Thanks for providing the content Mark.