Monday, 14 July 2014

Article on the NWS from some time ago

This article was my first introduction to the NWS.

When I was living in Canberra, my partner very much wanted to move to Perth (her home city).  I was reluctant.  One of the reasons I put forward might have been associated with wargaming.  As if on cue this article turned up.  It would be ten years ago, maybe longer.  We would need to know Carlo’s current age to accurately date it. 

Anyway, this article gave me strength in the knowledge that there was wargaming on the other side of Australia, Napoleonic wargaming as well, although the picture accompanying the article didn’t look like any Napoleonic game I’d ever seen.


  1. Hi Mark - 48 this year so quite sometimes go. If memory serves we set up a big Napoleonic game as well but this was the photo he chose to run with. We fave "thinking " Andy heaps for months after the article was published!!

    1. So that makes this article 9 years old or placing it around 2005.