Wednesday, 9 April 2014

NWS Rogues Gallery - The 2000's - Part Deux!

Steve, James, Craig, Graham, Rob and Stuart take on the Mahdi!

Cameron, Phil, Lance and Mike.

Paul ad Rob prepare for Successor dominance.

Martin looking quietly confident.

Happy Steve - he does love the Ancient Indians.

Steve, Nigel and Son.

Martin and Peter "Guido" G.

Nigel, Cookie and son.

Rob and Steve look pensive whilst Chris and Andy share a joke. 

Carlo in need of a hair cut.

Blue Steel from Guido.

Cookie, Guido, Carlo, Steve, Rob, Paul, Martin, Nigel!

Martin and Cookie

Cookie in fine form whilst Steve looks on semi-alarmed!

Peter who looks like he should be leading the 28th Bombay Infantry not some Vikings.

Geoff and Andrew DBMing.
Ben and Carlo...hope he rolls well...


Frank looking suspicious.

Stan the man.

Ricky, Bruce and Rob Dark Ages.

Andy and Martin.

IOC 2005

John, Jason, Stuart, Craig, Graham and friend.

Bruce, Mike J and Steve.

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